A True Mission

True Lacrosse is committed to the education and development of young men and women in the sport of lacrosse. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive training and experience to create exceptional athletes, while instilling confidence, integrity, and leadership skills they can employ both on and off the field.

Driven by our four pillars: Passion, Energy, Expertise, and Reps - Our staff combined knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, allows us to offer the best service, products, and guidance necessary to further develop the fastest game on two feet.

True Core Values
Core Value 01

Everything we do starts with the development and respect of our people. We believe that we are all part of the True Family. We represent this True Family everywhere we go. On the field and off the field, the True Family Mentality drives us and inspires us.

Core Value 02

Our training and partnership model is our biggest value. Our team-first mentality is what drives and guides our mission for success. We are the best choice for lacrosse training and player development in the country. We do this as a team. This mentality is reflected in everything we do. We set a high standard and it takes hard work and dedication to live up to it. We are not afraid of hard work.

Core Value 03

We are lifelong learners and leaders. We create leaders on the field and in the community. As leaders, we model this behavior in everything we do. We use lacrosse to develop this in everyone we come in contact with. We develop the whole person. We create a culture of success. This is done with our customers and our internal people equally.

Core Value 04

Every problem has a solution. We don’t complain and we look to solve problems in an inspiring, supportive and permanent way. We listen to our families, employees, and our leaders. We ask for help and are not afraid to take a stand for what we believe is right.

Core Value 05

We are financially responsible for the greater good of the company, and more importantly, for our customers. With a laser-like focus on our budget, we can provide world class training and coaches, in an industry that we are proud to serve.

True Commitments
See where our players play in college! At True Lacrosse, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our players realize their dreams and gain entry to the college or university of their choice to continue their lacrosse career. We are tireless in our efforts to guide our players to achieving this goal, and our players are equally committed to their game and their education. Below is the list of True Lacrosse players who have gone on to play at the collegiate level.

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True Testimonials
  • “These coaches are serious business, they are top notch, the cream of the crop in this sport. If you want to be a part of the best high school lacrosse program anywhere, True is worth the cost, time and energy! My oldest ended up getting 14 scholarship offers including multiple D1 and D2 offers and started midfield this season as a freshman! There is no question in my mind that she would not have gotten a single offer if it wasn't for Colleen, Addie and Suzanne.”

    Storm Warner

  • “Besides being extremely satisfied with the players, the tournaments, and the coaches our main reason for staying with True was because of the quality and quantity of practices…this was the difference-maker.”

    Jeff Fenec

  • “The True organization gets the job done better than anyone when it comes to proper training, putting their players in a position to be successful on the field, and assisting every step of the way through the recruiting process.”

    Bill Edell

  • “There are so many colleges that it is hard to filter through them on your own and your guidance made the process manageable. As a parent going through this process with my athlete, I could not imagine having done this without you. When I think of True lacrosse, it goes way beyond the coaching and the training for the game. You guys coach and guide these athletes into thinking about their future and how to use lacrosse for their success in life.”

    Sharon Stair

  • “The breadth and scale of the True organization never stood in the way of you taking an interest in each and every kid in your program; balancing their individual needs/goals with those of the broader program.”

    Jim Sotirchos

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