How Sideline Culture Can Affect a Game

Written by Colin Davis, True Lacrosse Regional Manager for Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia Sideline culture is a loaded phrase with varying levels of interpretation. Parents, players, and coaches all add or subtract to the heartbeat of a team. The sport of lacrosse has, and continues to show, tremendous growth in North America. With that growth comes varying experience … Read More

Lessons Learned From Coaching College Lacrosse

Written by Sam Herman, Ohio Regional Girls Director I believe working in the world of athletics is one of the best professions you can choose. The opportunity to be a college coach right after graduating was a blessing. There are many lessons I’ve learned from coaching college lacrosse, and I am continuing to learn each day, but a few lessons … Read More

The Reality of Recruiting, Showcases, Invitationals

 By Kevin Finn, Director of High School Teams, Boys National Program “If I don’t go to this showcase, I won’t get recruited.” “If I don’t make it to at least five events this summer, I won’t get seen and won’t get recruited.” Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever experienced the recruiting event FOMO? It seems like there’s … Read More

Lacrosse Training: The Mental and Physical Aspects

Written by Carly Shisler, Illinois Regional Director Lacrosse, just like any sport, can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Not many people think about what playing does to the mind or what putting together a good mindset can do for an athlete’s mental and physical state. Lacrosse training can have both mental and physical effects on a player. In … Read More

Nutrition: The Benefits of Preparing Your Body for Practice

Written by Lydia Nader, Sports Dietitian at IBJI Is this you? You roll out of bed, throw on your jersey and some shorts and socks. Grab your gear and run out the door to get to practice on time. The grab and go routine is common for many young athletes. You want to sleep in, which is important for your … Read More

Minnesota Stars Bring Home the Gold: Box Lacrosse

Written by Aime Caines, Minnesota Stars Box Lacrosse Club Director This summer I gained a greater appreciation for the USBOXLA Nationals after missing it in 2020 as a result of a cancellation from the pandemic. I learned to embrace the moment and celebrate the little things throughout the tournament. It wasn’t as much about winning as it was about watching … Read More

The Art of Shooting

Written by: Coach Mike Faith, Girls National Teams Director Everyone loves to shoot, attackers, midfielders, defenders, and even goalies! Becoming a great shooter is going to require hours and hours of training and self-discipline. The best shooters that you see and play with have many different ways to shoot in lacrosse. They can shoot overhand, sidearm, behind the backs, risers, … Read More

Why Box Lacrosse Matters

Written by: Jack Spallone, Illinois Box Lacrosse Director  Simply put, there is no faster version of the sport. Lacrosse finds its developmental roots in the physical and frenetic play style box occupies. The confined spaces and tighter windows develop your lacrosse skills and IQ at an exponential rate. A staggering percentage of the field lacrosse world and the most prolific … Read More

Should Athletes Play Multiple Sports or Not?

Written by Devin Cruz, IL Boys Premiere Director When it comes to athletics and the development of children and adolescents, there are 100 different ways to approach the idea of kids venturing into multiple sports. Some may advocate that too many sports can hinder a child’s ability to excel at the sport they perform best at or prefer. Others would … Read More

Tips for Communicating With Your College Recruiter

Written by Emily Considine, PA Valley Girls Regional Director Writing an email to a college coach can be daunting. How is it possible to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other recruits emailing the same coach expressing that they want to be considered for their program? This part of the recruiting process is one of the most important steps … Read More