True Lacrosse Names GameChanger Their Exclusive Live Video Streaming & Scorekeeping Partner

The partnership makes GameChanger the Exclusive Scorekeeping and Live Streaming Partner of True Lacrosse NEW YORK, NY and LOMBARD, IL (September 13, 2022) — GameChanger, the #1 rated youth sports app for live streaming, scheduling, communications, and scorekeeping, today announced a partnership with True Lacrosse, the premier club developmental lacrosse program in the U.S. The deal makes GameChanger – a … Read More

Finding Your Confidence

Written by Elizabeth Gainer, True Lacrosse FL Girls Director  What is confidence and how do you find it? Confidence is a feeling of self assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. As a female leader and a lacrosse player, confidence goes hand in hand. There are many times as a lacrosse coach that players ask me … Read More

Sports Injuries: What To Do When They Happen

By Shaye Fitzpatrick Illinois Alumna and Current Goalie at Duke University Playing sporta at the collegiate level comes with a lot of perks, but it also takes a toll on your body. To compete at the highest level, you have to practice at the highest level, and almost 90% of the time results in injury. For many college athletes, getting … Read More

Preparing for College Lacrosse

Written by Alec Gern, True Lacrosse Illinois Alumni & Current Student-Athlete at Carthage College Not many people find themselves making it to the next level in Lacrosse. Only 12.5% of high school graduates move on to play college ball. Being a part of that small percentage is a great reward, but the sacrifices that need to be taken for higher … Read More

Embracing the Grind: Looking Forward to Summer 2022

By Mike Gabel, Founder & Co-Owner of True Lacrosse  When you look at True Lacrosse now, you see a giant in the industry. You see True players recruited to major universities like Duke, Michigan, Army, and many others. We have programs in states from coast to coast, both boys and girls, competing with the best teams in the country. You … Read More

Standing Out in the Recruiting Process

Written by Kat Francis, True Lacrosse Colorado Girls State Director Being new to the recruiting process can be extremely overwhelming. Between emails, phone calls, prospect clinics, and on-campus visits, it can be hard to know the next steps or how to stand out. College coaches receive emails daily from prospective student-athletes, making it easy to feel like a number in … Read More

Youth Lacrosse: Growth > Winning

Written by Adam Stewart, True Lacrosse Ohio Boy’s State Director “Play is intrinsically motivated and leads to active engagement and joyful discovery.” The above definition is provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics and should be posted on every youth lacrosse field in the country. It should be the defining words of every youth lacrosse league mission statement, and it … Read More

The Right Fit For Your Commitment

Written by Heather Pierson, True Lacrosse Minnesota Girls High School Director While going through the recruiting process with many different athletes, one can’t compare their recruiting journey to the next. There are so many unique elements and reasons why an athlete chooses a school that feels like the right fit for them. Athletes tend to receive pressure from friends, family, … Read More

How To Be a Good Teammate

Written by Carolyn Keber, True Lacrosse Florida Girls Director  We all play the sport of lacrosse because we are competitive by nature and love being part of a team. Our experiences as an athlete emulate the highs and lows that we experience in life and help us navigate the world off the field. We learn that even with hard work, … Read More

How To Improve Defensive Footwork

Written by Christina Fried, Director of Communication for True National Girls When it comes to playing and coaching, we all have our strengths. For me, those strengths are on the defensive end of the field as a player and as a coach. As a defender in an attacker’s game, the defender’s footwork and foot speed are crucial. Our goal as … Read More