Events & Camps

True Lacrosse Leagues offer players a focused educational opportunity in which they will learn the proper technique and function of many skills imperative to mastering the game. Our leagues are perfect for players who are new to the game or those who prefer a more individual approach; throughout the course of the league season, players will build a solid foundation of lacrosse fundamentals on which they can grow and develop into skilled competitors.

Leagues are comprised of six weekly sessions during which players will benefit from the instruction of our experienced coaching staff; players will then participate in games to practice and apply their knowledge of the new skills they learned.

League seasons are held all year round: the fall ball season holds outdoor sessions from September-November; the summer season is also played outdoors from June-August. Indoor winter sessions take place between November-December and January-March.

Players can participate in these leagues as individuals and be placed on a team upon arrival. An entire team may also sign up for a discounted price. Suggested team size is 20 players.

Training throughout the off-season provides players with continuous exposure to the game all year, allowing them to consistently build on their skills. This is necessary to the development of every player’s knowledge of the game, particularly at the youth level. Our leagues enhance the game of every True player, keeping them at the top of their game all year round.