Becoming a Stand Out Female Athlete

Written by Katie Coleman, Girls Program Director Illinois Standing out as a female athlete in an ever-changing and crazy world can be difficult. Then you add on pressures that come along with being a female athlete, and it can almost feel impossible. There is no denying that being a female athlete has its challenges. Society has a certain perception of … Read More

True Training Creates True Athletes

Training is something that plays a role in any athlete’s sports career. Most athletes train to improve skills, build strength, and stay on top of their game. But here at True Lacrosse, training is way more than just exercising, practicing, and showing up. Our players train to be better in all that they do. An athlete is someone who is … Read More

Practice Do’s and Don’ts For Lacrosse Athletes

Not only does training and recovery ensure top performance on game day, but Lacrosse athletes train all week to prepare for game day and to perform at the top level. The team is only as good as the individual players, and it is up to the athletes to ensure they are taking the proper steps and prepping their bodies throughout … Read More

A Growth Mindset for New Players

To be an expert, you first have to be a beginner. Every lacrosse player at one point in time is a beginner. They too had that nervous first day at a practice meeting their new coach and teammates. When you are new to something, this doesn’t make you any less than. Being new at something makes you a person who … Read More

New Director to Drive Growth in Girls National Team

The True Lacrosse Girls National Team is excited to announce a new director to their team. We welcome Coach Mike Faith as the new girls’ national team director. He brings with him 23 years of experience coaching women’s lacrosse as well as a vast network that will aid the national players in the recruitment process. “Faith’s background in the women’s … Read More

Goal Setting in the New Year

The new year often brings a sense of renewal and a strong need to set new goals for oneself. Goal setting is something some of the most successful people do, not just athletes. It’s a key indicator in challenging oneself. Have you sat down and figured out what your goals are for the year? Do they seem daunting? Try settings … Read More

College Lacrosse and Business

Playing college lacrosse is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time, dedication, determination, and focus to reach this level in your athletic career, and even more to succeed. However, the benefits of playing collegiate sports are immeasurable. The personal and professional development that collegiate athletes experience in those short four years is amazing. At True … Read More

True Girls Reach Their True Potential

Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing female team sports in the United States! As True Girls, our athletes have the opportunity to be leaders for the next generation of lacrosse players. At True Lacrosse, our approach is that by pushing each other to become better each day, every athlete will reach their “true” potential. There are three specific leadership qualities … Read More

What Makes a Good Coach?

The impact of a good coach goes beyond the accolades of a winning season. A good coach, motivates, encourages, respects, and educates their players. They have lasting positive effects on the mentality of their young athletes as well. Good coaches are able to instill confidence, integrity, and leadership skills in their players, while also challenging them to become better versions … Read More

Three Steps to Becoming Financially Responsible

One of our core values is that we are financially responsible for the greater good of the company, and more importantly for our customers. Our financial responsibility is what helps us continue to provide the best experience for all of our athletes and their families. Financial responsibility isn’t just important for companies like us. We also want all of our … Read More