How To Improve Defensive Footwork

Written by Christina Fried, Director of Communication for True National Girls When it comes to playing and coaching, we all have our strengths. For me, those strengths are on the defensive end of the field as a player and as a coach. As a defender in an attacker’s game, the defender’s footwork and foot speed are crucial. Our goal as … Read More

JV vs. Varsity: Finding Your Why

Written by Katie Coleman, Girls Program Director Illinois What is your why? The reason you bring yourself to practice every day, the thing that pushes you through your last sprint during conditioning, the feeling you get on game night before the first draw. Why finding your why or your purpose may seem like a difficult question to ask yourself. It … Read More

A Growth Mindset for New Players

To be an expert, you first have to be a beginner. Every lacrosse player at one point in time is a beginner. They too had that nervous first day at a practice meeting their new coach and teammates. When you are new to something, this doesn’t make you any less than. Being new at something makes you a person who … Read More

Goal Setting in the New Year

The new year often brings a sense of renewal and a strong need to set new goals for oneself. Goal setting is something some of the most successful people do, not just athletes. It’s a key indicator in challenging oneself. Have you sat down and figured out what your goals are for the year? Do they seem daunting? Try settings … Read More

A True Leader Takes the Role of True Michigan Director

At True Lacrosse, we take pride in employing the best directors and coaches in the country. By doing this, we are able to give our players elite guidance and training, which is why we are so excited to announce our new director of True Michigan, Justin Shipp. He has spent the last five years with True Michigan with four as … Read More

An Inside Look Into the Future of Recruiting

Well, we’ve cruised past Labor Day, and it’s almost October. Fall is here, summer is over, and now it’s back to the grind. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many college coaches at the Division 1, 2 and 3 levels about our players and recruiting in general. My goal is to make sure everyone … Read More

Staying on Top of Your Game This Fall

For some of us, the warmer months are coming to an end, which means the convenience of practicing and training outdoors is ending also. Although this holds true for a majority of the nation, the cold months are no excuse to fall off your game. In fact, fall and winter are the perfect excuses to keep training and conditioning for … Read More

What it Means to be a True Team Player

Any coach will agree that being a team player is one of the most important and top traits they look for in an athlete. In lacrosse specifically, it’s essential that we play as a team and every person on the team be a team player. It’s important to the success of the team and your lacrosse career. But, what exactly … Read More