Preparing for College Lacrosse

Written by Alec Gern, True Lacrosse Illinois Alumni & Current Student-Athlete at Carthage College Not many people find themselves making it to the next level in Lacrosse. Only 12.5% of high school graduates move on to play college ball. Being a part of that small percentage is a great reward, but the sacrifices that need to be taken for higher … Read More

The Right Fit For Your Commitment

Written by Heather Pierson, True Lacrosse Minnesota Girls High School Director While going through the recruiting process with many different athletes, one can’t compare their recruiting journey to the next. There are so many unique elements and reasons why an athlete chooses a school that feels like the right fit for them. Athletes tend to receive pressure from friends, family, … Read More

Lessons Learned From Coaching College Lacrosse

Written by Sam Herman, Ohio Regional Girls Director I believe working in the world of athletics is one of the best professions you can choose. The opportunity to be a college coach right after graduating was a blessing. There are many lessons I’ve learned from coaching college lacrosse, and I am continuing to learn each day, but a few lessons … Read More

Be Prepped, Be Ready: The College Recruiting Process

Many players may be wondering what the next year or so will bring for college recruiting for lacrosse, especially if you are a junior or senior in high school. There is a lot of uncertainty players are having about the upcoming season and the entire recruiting process for college. To help ease some of that worry, we are going to … Read More

How to Make a Good Impression on College Coaches This Summer

Hey guys, We’re bringing the blog back! We heard from several players and parents that they enjoyed reading these, so we are going to start them up again. One Friday a month, you’ll hear from a True coach or state director on some aspect of the game: Their playing experience, tips on how to be better on the field, and … Read More