Finding Your Confidence

Written by Elizabeth Gainer, True Lacrosse FL Girls Director 

What is confidence and how do you find it? Confidence is a feeling of self assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. As a female leader and a lacrosse player, confidence goes hand in hand. There are many times as a lacrosse coach that players ask me how I find my confidence. In my experience, finding your confidence comes from the repetition of things you do daily. Confidence is a great way to mentally improve ourselves, and with confidence comes great strides, both on and off the field.

Confidence for me on the field was my stick skills and knowledge of the game. I went in knowing that I would be reliable in all aspects of my game when I had the ball on my stick. That also grew my teammates’ confidence in me. They could count on me. Getting to this point was an everyday habit. Making mistakes also helps you grow your confidence, and you can implement those changes into your every day routine. Confidence takes time. It is built with continuous repetition in your daily life.

“Confidence comes from not always being right, but not fearing to be wrong.”

Control Your Mind

Do not mistake confidence for arrogance. Confidence can sometimes be perceived as arrogance and is quite the opposite. It is important to know your own core values. Values are the foundation for building one’s confidence. In the world we live in today, with the rise of social media, it is easy to let your mind wander. Always remember to check in on the goals and expectations you have set for yourself. This is a simple but easy way to stay on track. If you have not set goals, sit down with your coach or mentor and have a conversation. It is important to be mindful of your body language, which will help your overall performance and self-confidence.

Believe In Yourself 

Believing in yourself should be the first and at the forefront of everything you do as an individual and athlete. When you have true self-confidence, I promise it will ultimately lead you to more positivity, happiness and resiliency. These are all things that matter as you grow as an athlete.

Here are three things you can practice every day to start improving your confidence:

-Positive self talk

-Being honest with yourself

-Stepping outside your comfort zone.

“Confidence is created within yourself, by believing, I can do this.” -Unknown

Go out and try finding your confidence. Be fierce and resilient in all that you do, on and off the field.