Embracing the Grind: Looking Forward to Summer 2022

By Mike Gabel, Founder & Co-Owner of True Lacrosse 

When you look at True Lacrosse now, you see a giant in the industry. You see True players recruited to major universities like Duke, Michigan, Army, and many others. We have programs in states from coast to coast, both boys and girls, competing with the best teams in the country. You see a National Team program that has exploded, allowing us to bring on and retain some of the best talent in the country and, in turn, allowing us to build exposure for all of our teams from the best coaches in the country.

How Far We’ve Come

I am extremely proud of this. And I know that my co-founder and partner, Jake Deane, is also tremendously proud of these accomplishments. And while this is not the finished product for True Lacrosse as we continue to evolve and grow as a program, this isn’t how it has always been. Most of our families only know this version of True Lacrosse. But it was shaped by the early years, the sweat equity we invested and the grind that we embraced. We decided, from the start, that we would be the hardest working team in our industry. We knew that mistakes happen, but they would never be due to a lack of effort or passion. As we head into the Summer of 2022, we want all of True Lacrosse to embrace that same mindset.

Embrace The Grind

Many folks don’t realize that when I was a goalie in the MLL for years, my college program in Vermont never had a winning season. But I didn’t let that stop me from pursuing my potential as an athlete and teammate. I invested the time and energy, and I learned to EMBRACE THE GRIND. When Jake was playing in the National Championship game and the MLL, he didn’t see significant playing time until his senior season at UMass. He fought and grinded from the bottom of the depth chart to All-American status and the best player on the field for UMass when they squared off against Virginia in the title game. That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when you decide to EMBRACE THE GRIND.

Spring 2022 Expectations 

Fast-forward to May 2022, and as I write this, we prepare to launch into the summer season with hundreds of teams and thousands of boys and girls excited to compete. When I look at the start of the summer and think about how I want to look back on these months in August and September, I think about the grind and how fun it should be. I want our coaches, players and  families to share the awesome experience of growing as people, as friends, and as teammates. Celebrate victories together and learn from defeats. Enjoy team dinners after a long day on the field or the road trip with friends jamming out to some favorite tunes (or the latest episode of “Sweat Equity”) and simply having fun.

Summer 2022 Expectations 

Come August- I want everyone to feel what Jake and I felt when we launched True Lacrosse over ten years ago. It was and still is really hard work, but we refuse to allow anyone to work harder than us or have more fun than us! We all choose to put a smile on our face and EMBRACE THE GRIND!

True on 2!