Tips for Communicating With Your College Recruiter

Written by Emily Considine, PA Valley Girls Regional Director

Writing an email to a college coach can be daunting. How is it possible to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other recruits emailing the same coach expressing that they want to be considered for their program? This part of the recruiting process is one of the most important steps of getting on the coaches radar. I am writing this article to make sure that you are not writing an email that a college coach calls their friend to say, “You are not going to believe what this recruit just sent me”. Here are a few tips for communicating with your college recruiter.

Want to express to a college that you are detail-oriented, organized, and disciplined? Awesome! Be sure to spell the coaches names correctly. My last name is Considine, don’t ask me why but my Lafayette email is “Considie”. So, when I get an email with my name spelt incorrectly, my first thought is, you did not do your research. Speaking of research, it is Lafayette College, not Lafayette University.

Want the coach to attend your tournaments? Of course! Send them the tournament names and dates that you will be attending. Coaches also need what club team you play for – specifically. Are you on your program’s B team? Cool!! We do not care! And we will find out anyway, so tell us. This way, we do not visit the wrong field. And since we are on the topic of fields, tournament schedules change and update all the time, and coaches know because they get the updates. No need to email a college coach the schedule change.

So you got the coach to your game, Great! Did you give them your jersey number? We really hope so.

Let’s get back to the email. Do you have a film or a highlighted profile? Link it, and we will google your name. If you have a film you don’t want coaches to see, don’t upload it. Save the coach a google search, and link the video.

You are writing to a coach about yourself. Keep it about you! Do you have a friend already on the team? That is an amazing resource for learning about life as a student-athlete, but unfortunately, that bears no weight on if a coach thinks you will be a fit for their program.

While we are on the topic of being the right fit for a program, do not tell the coach that you think you will be a perfect fit for their program. At this point, you do not indicate what the coach is looking for or needs. Every coach wants a hardworking player, dedicated to their sport and academics, and a good teammate. That is the expectation, the bare minimum. Expressing that you have these attributions does not make you different, and it makes you the same. Coaches want to see you set yourself apart from others in your play on the field, your work in the classroom, and what you are doing to better your community. By the way, you should be more worried about if the school is a good fit for you. Does it have your major or field of interest? Please do not email a coach letting them know how passionate you are about becoming a teacher if they do not have education as a major.

Additionally, if you are a midfielder, be a midfielder. Be proud you are a midfielder and play midfield. Let the coach decide where you are more of a threat and contribute to their system. But if you are an attacker who can also play midfield, it sounds like you are a liability on defense and prefer not to run if you do not have to.

Your email needs
  • Your Name
  • Position
  • Club Team & Jersey Number
  • High School Team & Jersey Number
  • Coaches Contacts
  • Film Link
  • Summer Schedule
  • Intended Major or field interest
Notes that are optional 
  • GPA
  • Standardized Tests
  • Parent is an Alumni
  • Community Service
Please do not share
  • If you know someone on the team
  • If you have an aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, ect…that attended/attends the school
  • Your high school stats
  • Awards that are stricity relevant to your school/club/area

Remember, this is only an introduction! The plan is to have a phone call and a visit with the coaching staff – you will want things to talk about in the future! You are paying a club to educate you and be a resource, and if you are unsure about something, ask!