A Growth Mindset for New Players

To be an expert, you first have to be a beginner. Every lacrosse player at one point in time is a beginner. They too had that nervous first day at a practice meeting their new coach and teammates. When you are new to something, this doesn’t make you any less than. Being new at something makes you a person who is willing to fail forward. It means you’re a person who is willing to put themselves out there and take a risk.

That’s what we look for in our athletes here at True Lacrosse. We want players that are willing to go the extra mile to be the best they can be. If you’re new to the True Lacrosse team or a parent getting their kid into the game, here are a few things to keep in mind when first starting out.

A Growth Mindset

Be willing to learn and grow as both a player and an individual. Look at every day as a new opportunity to be better and improve your game. Be one that is willing to level up in both your game and your mindset. Keeping a positive mindset is going to be key in your growth.

Stay Confident & Consistent

Stay confident on and off the field. Be consistent in your training and school. Self-confidence gives our athletes the feeling that they can overcome any obstacle to achieve their goals. We make it a point to show our athletes what makes them unique and look at themselves in a positive light. The confidence we build in our lacrosse players during practices and training sessions rolls over into games, school, and everyday life.

Stay On Top of Your Studies

If you are not on top of your studies, you are not on top of your game. We don’t mean that every athlete should have straight A’s (although that would be cool!), but every athlete at True Lacrosse should be striving for those A’s. Every athlete in school should be studying and trying as hard as they possibly can. Dedication and hard work are what sets a good athlete apart from a great one.

At True Lacrosse, we work with players all over the country to not only be better athletes but to be better people. Our athletes don’t live up to standards. They exceed the standards to be exceptional and determined in all that they do. If you’re interested in more information on joining the True Lacrosse team or tryouts, check out our different programs and events page.