True Girls Reach Their True Potential

Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing female team sports in the United States! As True Girls, our athletes have the opportunity to be leaders for the next generation of lacrosse players. At True Lacrosse, our approach is that by pushing each other to become better each day, every athlete will reach their “true” potential. There are three specific leadership qualities we work to help develop in our True Girls to reach their full potential.


Our focus is on training and developing athletes. We want to work with our girls to see improvement in everyone, regardless of their level. Our approach seeks to build confidence in each of our athletes. Seeing them succeed in school and their lives are what drives us, not just college recruitment. Developing confident young women is a component of our culture of success.


We believe that we are all part of the True Family. We strive to have all of our athletes build a team-first mentality. With this mentality, we want to see our True Girls doing great things athletically and personally for the greater good and not just for themselves. As a family, we hold each other to the highest standards on and off the field.


True Girls go into every practice, training session, game or tournament with positive attitudes and rally together no matter the situation. One of our core values is, “Every problem has a solution”. We are preparing every girl in our program to be strong when things are going well and when things are not in our favor.

We are super excited to see how our True Girls lead the next generation of lacrosse players. Our program strives to be one of the best at preparing leaders on and off the field. We hope that as more girls are looking for lacrosse programs to join, our coaches and directors are always looking for new talent to join their teams. Check out our programs page to see if we have a True Girls team in your state!