What Makes a Good Coach?

The impact of a good coach goes beyond the accolades of a winning season. A good coach, motivates, encourages, respects, and educates their players. They have lasting positive effects on the mentality of their young athletes as well. Good coaches are able to instill confidence, integrity, and leadership skills in their players, while also challenging them to become better versions of themselves on and off the field.

There are many factors that constitute a good coach. Here are the three we thought to be most important for our athletes here at True Lacrosse.

Builds Confidence

A player is able to walk a little taller when a coach openly recognizes the strengths that they bring to the team. That confidence not only shows up on the field but off the field as well. The player will walk around knowing that someone (outside of the family) sees the great skills and talents they have to offer.

Models Integrity

A good coach holds the athlete accountable. They also emphasize the value of playing fair and respecting your opponent. Each of these lessons models the pattern of behavior of a respectable and honorable young man or woman.

Exemplify Leadership 

The saying “lead by example” is much more than a cliche. A good coach is able to provide a tangible example of good leadership. They set the tone for young people moving forward in life as they become leaders themselves.

At True Lacrosse, we are committed to the education and development of young men and women in the sport of lacrosse. We are dedicated to creating lifelong learners and leaders. Youth sports coaches play a large role in not only the development of athletes but the development of young men and women. The True team players are great communicators, great collaborators, hard-working, respectful, and have positive attitudes. Each of our coaches instills this understanding of our True Family mentality.