Three Steps to Becoming Financially Responsible

One of our core values is that we are financially responsible for the greater good of the company, and more importantly for our customers. Our financial responsibility is what helps us continue to provide the best experience for all of our athletes and their families. Financial responsibility isn’t just important for companies like us. We also want all of our athletes and their families to reap the benefits of having the skills and knowledge of being financially responsible. So the True team came together to compile three of the most helpful tips we could put together for our athletes to implement to become more financially responsible.

Set Financial Goals

The principles that we share to help our young athletes that have goals of playing lacrosse in college can also be applied when setting and achieving financial goals. We encourage you to write your goal or goals down, work hard at it as often as you can, seek support/coaching, celebrate your process, and don’t give up.

Educate Yourself 

We want all of our athletes to be lifelong learners! That goes for when on and off the field. There are so many financial education resources. Banks and credit unions offer resources in addition to countless financial experts that have written books, recorded webinars, and more. Similar to how quality lacrosse coaches are important to your lacrosse development, be sure to find quality financial advisers to help you build your financial skills and knowledge.

Get Control

It’s hard to score when your stick skills are shaky! In order to become financially responsible, you have to get your spending under control. When you get a firm grip on your spending habits, reaching your financial goals and becoming more financially responsible will be so much easier. Create a budget and be laser-focused on where your money is going.

Core Value: We are financially responsible for the greater good of the company, and more importantly, for our customers. 

When we work together to become financially responsible as a community, the opportunity for our organization and teams to do great things for the greater good is endless.