Staying on Top of Your Game This Fall

For some of us, the warmer months are coming to an end, which means the convenience of practicing and training outdoors is ending also. Although this holds true for a majority of the nation, the cold months are no excuse to fall off your game. In fact, fall and winter are the perfect excuses to keep training and conditioning for the spring. Hopefully, by then, things will be different and the season will resume as normal. At least, that is what we are planning on as of right now at True Lacrosse. So we expect our players to be on the top of their game come spring. But, some may be wondering what to concentrate on this fall while waiting for the spring season to start. Not to mention the list of restrictions from COVID-19 brings all new challenges for players looking to train and practice. True directors and coaches want to make sure they are providing their players with every tool necessary, so here are some good tips players who are determined to stay on top of their game this fall.

Study Hard
Don’t let your grades slip up. School may look and be a little different right now. Some may be doing virtual learning and others in person, some part-time virtual and part-time in person. However you’re learning this school year, be sure to stay on top of your grades and studies. For any athlete, grades are just as important as your game on the field, if not more. If anything, this extra time we are given should be the time you need to increase your studies and your game. Not only do your grades determine whether you play or not, but your education is also of utmost importance in everything you do. Study up, get good grades, try-hard, and rock this next semester.

There is no question as to whether or not you should be training this fall and winter. Absolutely you should be training hard. It’s understandable that without the proper space and equipment it may be hard for some to train at the right level you need, however, part of being a well-rounded athlete is making conditions and situations work. Just like on the field, things are not always going to be set up in your favor. Make it work. Do your best and use the resources you do have available. True directors and coaches have put together countless virtual training and exercises. Be ready for spring to come because it’ll be here faster than you think. Also, feel free to reach out to your coaches and directors, set up a one-on-one with them, and do your best this fall to be ready for spring.

Stay Positive
Your words are powerful. When you feed yourself negative self-talk, you can actually increase your stress which helps no one. Instead, leave the negativity at the door and feed yourself positivity. Teach yourself techniques to help control and manage stress. You’ll find that once you drop the negativity and concentrate on the positive things, life gets a lot better. Just like on the field, you have to have a positive attitude. The power of positive thinking is influential and contagious also. You’ll not only improve your own outlook but may rub off on someone else too.

If you’re having trouble staying on top of your game this fall or need some extra help, reach out to your True coach or director. They are here to help you. Also, use your resources available with the virtual training available, and more. We are a True family, and family sticks together, no matter what.