3 Things Every Female Lacrosse Player Should Know

The True girls’ teams are one in a million. Some of these young women start playing lacrosse with one goal in mind: get recruited, be the best, and go professional. Well, while this is a fantastic dream to have, True girls usually get a little more than what they signed up for. What do we mean by this? Every female that enters into the True girls program not only learns the game, but they learn to foster a strong sense of teamwork, self-worth and respect, integrity, personal achievement, and teamwork. The entire True Lacrosse organization has worked in unison to ensure that every female athlete we work with embodies the core values of what makes a True athlete. True girls’ train hard, and they compete even harder. They work as a team and hold the utmost respect for their teammates and the sport. As we move into the colder months of fall and winter, we thought it would be a good idea to point out three things that every female lacrosse player should know when playing the sport. Also, not only should female lacrosse players know this, every person should know these three things about female athletes. They are strong and fierce, and most of all, they are True.

Women can have muscle too
Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport. For that reason, our female athletes’ train, and they train hard. From cardio to strength and circuit training, lacrosse requires an athlete to be at their peak physical fitness. Just because you are a female, doesn’t mean that if you lift weights, you are going to bulk up like your brother or father might. Continue to challenge yourself and up your expectations of yourself. Training with a positive mindset and attitude is everything. Also, no two people are the same. What works for you may not work for your teammates or friends. Concentrate on YOUR training and YOUR nutrition. Be sure to fuel your body with the appropriate diet for you. Train to strengthen your body with what works best for you. And, always remember women can have muscle too, and yes, without looking bulky or too manly.

Always be prepared
Whether it’s recruiting time or the middle of the season, every True girl should be ready to take action at any time. They come prepared and ready to play. They have extra hair ties clasped tightly around their sticks, just in case. They figure out how to wear their goggles with their ponytails before the game to ensure they are comfortable and can focus solely on the game at hand. True girls are always prepared on and off the field. Whether they are prepping for a tournament or prepping for an exam at school, they are always prepared and ready to go.

Enjoy every possible moment
You aren’t always going to agree with everyone, and some things are going to get under your skin, but try to enjoy every single moment of it. Enjoy the time of the field playing with your teammates. Enjoy making friends that will last a lifetime, even with the ups and downs. Take pride in the wins and learn lessons from the losses. It may not seem like it now, but these times with your team and on the field playing are what you’ll remember from your lacrosse career. They’re what will go with you throughout life, so take enjoyment in those moments. Remember the smiling faces that came together in a huddle once you won the big tournament. Remember the scrapes and bruises. What about that time your mouthguard popped right out of your mouth and into a pool of freshly trampled mud? Don’t worry, the five-second rule definitely applied!

True girls’ are powerful, and they are strong. They instill just as much into each other as we teach them. True Lacrosse is proud to offer female athletes an organization that truly believes in all that they are capable of doing. And, although a girls lacrosse game may be played in a different style or look a little different than the boys, there is no doubt that both boys and girls lacrosse share similar benefits. Both aim to improve the health and lives of young people playing and teaching sportsmanship and healthy competition.