Be Prepped, Be Ready: The College Recruiting Process

Many players may be wondering what the next year or so will bring for college recruiting for lacrosse, especially if you are a junior or senior in high school. There is a lot of uncertainty players are having about the upcoming season and the entire recruiting process for college. To help ease some of that worry, we are going to lay out what players can expect the new recruiting process to be like. Although some things in the recruiting process look a little different, there are still plenty of things you can do to prepare.

As of right now, the 2021 season is to go on as planned in the spring, which means players better be ready. College recruiters are still recruiting. Just like everything else, they adapted and adjusted. Here are a few tips from our True directors and coaches on how to be prepped and ready for the upcoming college recruiting process.

Act as if a college coach will show up at your doorstep tomorrow and ask you to play. Stay up on your workouts and train as if everything is going as scheduled. Get a solid routine down with your workouts to improve things like your speed, agility, and endurance. Be sure to keep practicing and training. Stay on top of your game at all times and be ready to play at any moment.

Since travel bans have been put into place and universities and schools don’t want coaches risking their health to go watch players during games, they are relying on video now more than ever. Every player should have a highlight reel prepared for recruiters, along with actual game footage. Since coaches can’t watch players in person, it is a good idea to show the entire game so the coach can not only see how the player performs, but also see things like sportsmanship on the sidelines, attitude, interaction with teammates, etc.

Be sure to have copies of your transcript that you can easily forward along to a recruiter. In the recruiting world, things are first come first serve. The more prepared you are with your materials, the more likely you are to get your things in and in front of the right eyes. Have everything packaged up and ready to go when opportunity strikes.

Some recruiting was delayed because of COVID-19 for the 2021 graduating class, and we are still seeing a lot of division 1 and division 2 colleges and universities evaluating players. True Lacrosse is doing all we can to help players during these times. Recently, we created a senior program for those looking to get recruited to play college lacrosse that offers exclusive trainings, events, and more. We are all in this together. For more information on our senior program or other programs, get in touch with us.