True Players Step Up Their Game with Virtual Trainings

At True Lacrosse, we pride ourselves on really being a family. These last couple months have tested us. Our players and True family have stayed by our side through it all. We are grateful for our players and coaches, parents and directors, and everyone else that makes our organization possible. We will continue to offer virtual trainings, tryouts, and other happenings for our players. Push backs and cancellations will not stop our team. True directors and coaches are working double-time to offer their athletes and members the opportunity to advance in their game.

For many of our players, lacrosse is more than a sport. Lacrosse is an outlet, it’s their passion. You wouldn’t take away a writer’s pen and paper, or an artist’s canvas and brushes. So, we will continue to hold true to our dedication to offering our players the resources they need. Our True family will continue to provide the best training, coaching and teaching, and in return we will continue to turn out the best athletes in the game.

Since the start of COVID-19, we have hosted endless amounts of Zoom calls, increased our online and social presence, and we’ve launched a podcast and an app for our players. But we haven’t and won’t stop there. Our coaches and directors are working virtually with players on things like live workouts, different training sessions, live interviews, live Q & A’s, reviews, and much more. These virtual sessions will also allow for athletes and directors to connect and network with some of the best coaches in the US.

Things like agility, training, overall game, should not go away because of the pandemic. It should make them stronger, this is what we are instilling into our players. Our team will not let this stop us from moving forward in our training. Eventually, this will end and we will have a comeback. And, our players will be ready because they are strong, fierce, and dedicated. They are True.