True Girls are More than Lacrosse

Sports are usually one of the most popular activities for young people. Typically, sports like lacrosse, provide an outlet, an opportunity to make friends, stay active, and a chance to develop leadership skills and self-discipline. In recent years, the popularity of girls’ lacrosse has grown tremendously. Females all over the country are taking advantage of this opportunity and joining the True family to increase physical fitness, social skills, and individual growth. Especially here at True Lacrosse.

Many schools tend to offer traditional sports for students to participate in like basketball, softball, volleyball, dance, and so on. While young people often become interested in sports due to a number of factors, a select group are always looking for something a little different, like lacrosse. Many choose to participate in sports due to the thrill of competition or to be part of a team. Girls’ lacrosse allows female athletes to do this while at the same time adding a unique aspect to the experience.

Girls lacrosse has grown in popularity, especially here at True Lacrosse, as many girls attend sports camps and day camps geared toward providing premium lacrosse instruction. Also, many schools now offer lacrosse teams for both genders.

Lacrosse offers females a chance to not only improve physical fitness and increase their game, but it also promotes increased focus and aids in creative problem-solving. Girls lacrosse also allows females to connect and socialize with others who have similar interests. Lacrosse allows any player the opportunity to function as a team while developing as individual strengths and helping positive personality traits grow.

True Lacrosse works with girls all over the country to increase their skill sets, become team players, and reach their personal lacrosse goals. Our coaches and directors work with True girls one-on-one to find the best fit for the team and the player as an individual. The True girls’ teams are really one to watch. They work hard, together, and are breaking the mold of what it means to be a female in a competitive sport.