What it Means to be a True Team Player

Any coach will agree that being a team player is one of the most important and top traits they look for in an athlete. In lacrosse specifically, it’s essential that we play as a team and every person on the team be a team player. It’s important to the success of the team and your lacrosse career. But, what exactly does it mean to be a True team player?

As a lacrosse team and organization that helps mold young athletes into professionals, we look for a few specific traits that make up a True team player. These traits that we look for are fairly basic, and every athlete should embody and portray them. Being a True team player increases athletes chances for growth in both the game and life.

As you develop as a player, you’ll learn that on the field communication is key. It elevates the team, lets other players know where you are, and where the pressures are coming from. On and off the field, speak up, be courteous, honest, and open with your team. When you communicate effectively and constructively, you open up a line of communication that makes up a True team player.

When a player is more focused on himself/herself rather than the team, it hurts the entire team. A successful team is built around athletes that don’t care who scores the goal because it’s an overall team win! A True team player is just as excited about team members success as their own. When the team wins, everyone wins.

Hard Work
Coaches, recruiters, directors, and your biggest fans can tell when you are giving it your all. The players who never stop working, never stop improving their game, leveling up at any chance they can get while also building up their team members. This is one of the things that sets a True team player apart from others. We persevere through, and never have to be asked to work hard. And, this applies to training, on the field, in the classroom, and throughout your life.

Reliable and Respectful
A True team player is one that can be relied upon to be there for themselves, their team, their community, and anyone who crosses their path. They are the one who you can rely on and upholds respect for all those no matter the circumstances or situation. Regardless of talent level, the best True team players are those who have the utmost respect for others.

Positive Perspective
Attitude is everything. Whether you’re in the locker room, on the field, in the classroom or anywhere, you have to keep a positive attitude and see the bigger picture. We are family at True Lacrosse, part of what makes our family unique is that we look for and embrace the positives our team and community has to offer.

Everyone has the ability to be a True team player. You just have to be willing to put in the work. We take pride in our organization being a true pillar in our communities and the industry. And, that starts with our teams showing others what it truly means to be a True team player.