Trust Your Travel Team Coach

We are now in the midst of the summer tournament season, and it can be a tense time for players who are eager to make their best impression on college coaches. Jake talked last time about how to make a good impression on college coaches, but I wanted to add to that by saying, trust your travel team coaches. We have your best interest in mind and want to help you get to where you want to go.

As your coaches, we want to put you in the best position to succeed and get plenty of playing experience in our summer tournaments. While you may usually play attack, your coach may ask you to play midfield during a game. This isn’t to throw you off or to not put you where you want to be, but to give you the most playing time on the field. Maybe there are several other attackmen your coach needs to rotate in and your best chance of seeing more playing time is to play midfield. We are looking out for you and want you to get more time in the game.

Many times when players go on to play college lacrosse, their coach will put them at a different position than they played in high school. If that happens to you, are you going to tell the coach no? Of course not. You’re going to go where your coach tells you to go and do your best for your team in that position. We want you to be prepared to not just be the best attackmen, but the best offensive player, not just the best LSM, but the best defensive player. We are working to make you well-rounded players with excellent athleticism to give you more opportunities to succeed.

At your summer tournament, it is common for players to get caught up in which team they are on. We sometimes have an A team and a B team, and a player might not like that he is on the B team. Again, trust your coaches. We are putting you with the team where we feel you will see the most playing time, and that will put you in the best position to be successful on the field. This happened recently with one of our players. He wasn’t excited about the idea of playing on the B team at a tournament, but he did it, and he ended up making the All-Star team at that tournament.

Furthermore, college coaches don’t know if they are watching an A team or a B team. They are there to watch players. So no matter which team you’re playing on, get out there, play your hardest, show them your skill, athleticism and compete level, and you’ll find that you’re exactly where you need to be to get seen.

Finally, we identify and travel to so many top tournaments because we know how important it is to put your skills to the test. A player can be great in practice, train well, do everything right, but when on the field in the intensity of the competition, the player has to be able to put the pieces together. Your tournaments are just as important as training and going to practice each week. Tournaments are the time to apply what you’ve learned and see how you respond to competition. Trust that we are finding the best competition for you and that this time on the field with your team is a vital part of your development and growth in the game.

Again, I know I speak for all of the True coaches when I say we are looking out for your best interests. We always want you to talk to us if you have questions or concerns, but also know that we’ve got your back and want to see you be successful and reach your goals!

-Coach Gabel