How to Make a Good Impression on College Coaches This Summer

Hey guys,

We’re bringing the blog back! We heard from several players and parents that they enjoyed reading these, so we are going to start them up again. One Friday a month, you’ll hear from a True coach or state director on some aspect of the game: Their playing experience, tips on how to be better on the field, and any other topic of the coach’s choosing! We hope you’ll enjoy these blogs. We feel they can help bring the True family together and share important information to help you grow.

Today, I wanted to talk about how to make a good impression on college coaches. The summer season is nearly upon us, and as part of our True team, you’ll definitely be playing in front of college coaches!

The most important thing you can do this summer to stand out to college coaches is to be different from other players on the field. How do you do that? Don’t be afraid to make plays! College coaches want to see athletes who can make plays and be aggressive. Get in the middle of the action, don’t sit back, and let someone make the plays for you. If you don’t make any plays, you’re not going to get recruited. You have to take some risks to get the reward.

Another important aspect for a potential recruit from college coaches is your compete level. Anytime I walk up to a field, I can immediately tell which kid competes the hardest out on the field. That is evident in a few ways: How hard do they go after ground balls? How hard do they dodge? How hard do they work to make up for a mistake when things don’t go their way? Anytime you step on the field, COMPETE HARD! It makes a difference, and it’s fun to watch for a college coach! If a kid can compete at a high level in high school, that translates to being able to compete hard on a collegiate level.

Finally, don’t be afraid to talk to college coaches. While they can’t talk to you, you can still walk up to them, introduce yourself and say, “Coach, I’d love to have you come watch me play. I’m on field 5.” Show them you are confident and want them to come to see you play. You can also email coaches prior to your tournaments to let them know where you’re going to be. This is an important part of your recruiting.

So, make plays, stand out on the field, compete hard, and talk to coaches! This is going to get the attention of college coaches and will drastically help in your recruiting process.

We’re looking forward to getting you on the field beginning in June and working with you to get your game ready to be the best on the summer tournament scene!

-Coach Deane